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Save or Spend ?

You need to balance Wants & Needs. Setting financial goals helps you make informed choices & decisions. 
Hello Starters, I am Hari. We all have a strange relationship with money...not sure how much to save or spend. But I guess this challenge is felt the most by people at your stage of life. Listen to your heart and it says..go on.... live it up, indulge, is too short ... and all that.

Listen to your head...or your family, well wishers...and some questions emerge.

Where is all my money going? What do I have to show for all this spending?
Then there is a future to consider - yours. That you will probably live for another 60 years or more, hopefully, independently and on your own feet..

So let us look at money, fair & square, and face some questions. Face them we should.....cos they are not going away.
What is cash flow ? What is budgeting ? What is debt/credit ? How is time related to money ? What is saving ?To Save orto spend ?
The answer may be to save for the future and spend only what you need to

A penny saved is a dollar earned
B. Franklin

But there can never be one answer that fits everyone. You are an individual, your situation is unique. Let us get together and find the answer that works for you. Contact us today.

We are glad to answer your queries and assist in your financial goals. Please write
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